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Why Meditation?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years for a myriad of health and wellness benefits. Although ancient cultures have engaged in meditation for these benefits for generations, it is only more recently that modern science has caught up. Meditation is a personal experience for each and every individual, however. Often, it depends on your personal preferences for voice, tone, background, and content. A meditation that might resonate greatly for one individual may not for another, and that's okay. The goal is to find what works for you and your purpose. Perhaps you would like to learn breathing techniques, relaxation, or mindfulness, for example. Or, perhaps you would like to take an inner journey, feel a connection with God or Source, or have someone guide you into a place of deep sleep. Then again, you may want help improving your self-esteem, reducing anxiety, planning your next step in life, or some other self-help guidance. Whatever the goal, be willing to experiment with different meditations and guides to find those that suit your interests and your individual taste. No matter which direction your goals take you, I wish you great success along your meditation journey! If you'd like to try a meditation today, simply click on a meditations below, or for a more personalized experienced, allow me to create a meditation specifically for your needs...see the Personalized Meditation section for more details.

Featured Meditations

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Meditation Playlists

Below are the playlists currently available on my YouTube channel. Click the icons to see the meditation tracks available in each category.

 Health & Wellness

 Skill Building

 Life & Career


 Meditating with Angels

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 Brief Meditations

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My most popular meditation, with over 1.9 million plays:

Law of Attraction & Abundance