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Gale Minchew, PhD

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2020 Calendar of Events

03/2020 to Present - Mental Health Awareness Training, Private Facility - Facilitator

03/2020 to Present - Suicide Prevention Awareness Training, Private Facility - Facilitator

2019 Calendar of Events

05/24/2019 Major Depressive Disorder Focus Group, Dallas, TX - Clinical Support

05/03/2019 Family Law Essentials Conference, Longview, TX - Learning Activity

03/11/2019 Meditation Workshop, Online - Facilitator

01/05/2019 Meditation Workshop, Online - Facilitator


I am currently developing a series of comprehensive online workshops. Check back later for a list of titles and links to content.

Tours & Retreats

There are so many beautiful places to visit across the globe. Places with rich history, palpable energy, fresh air, and even healing properties. While some of these qualities are subjective, others have been researched extensively. Why not get in on the excitement? Enjoy a retreat to a faraway locale or even one right down the street. Create your own tour and experience places you've never been before. Take a stroll through some of the local areas near you that boast the history of times gone by or reconnect with nature in your own back yard. Whatever the activity, feel the healing, wisdom, and positivity energy infused in each experience.

I am not currently available for retreats and spiritual tours, but I am sure to be open to all of the possibilities in the future. If you have an event at which you would like me to speak or present, please submit your request using the Request Submission Form on this page, and let's see if we can coordinate our schedules.


Interview & Event Requests

Interested in having me present at your workshop or event? Looking for guest interviews or blog posts about mental health or spiritual/metaphysical topics? Need presenters for a retreat or intensive workshop series in the US or abroad? Use the Requests Submission Form below to provide the details and your contact information, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Requests Submission Form